Goldplatedlegacy Gold Plated Legacy Tablet Seal Talisman (Rarity) Shotaegg Shota (Pet Egg) Loliegg Loli (Pet Egg)
100 Jadeshell 10,000 Jadeshell 58,000 Jadeshell 57,800 Jadeshell
Empty season chest Empty Season Chest Winter ruthlessness Winter Ruthlessness Autumn leaves Autumn Leaves Summer enthusiasm Summer Enthusiasm
500 Jadeshell 300 Jadeshell 200 Jadeshell 100 Jadeshell
Spring wamth Spring Warmth Mysterious Shovel 99 Mysterious Shovel Mysterious Shovel Mysterious Shovel Seal Talisman Smart Stone
50 Jadeshell 4000 Jadeshell 50 Jadeshell 5000 Jadeshell
VIP5 VIP5 Pack VIP4 VIP4 Pack VIP3 VIP3 Pack VIP2 VIP2 Pack
20,000 Jadeshell 10,000 Jadeshell 5,000 Jadeshell 2,000 Jadeshell
VIP1 VIP1 Pack Battle scroll Battle Scroll Seal Talisman Seal Talisman (Fine) Seal Talisman Seal Talisman (Excellent)
1,000 Jadeshell 3,000 Jadeshell 10,000 Jadeshell 2,000 Jadeshell
Seal Talisman Seal Talisman (Common) Nanka bramble Nanka Bramble Nanka Blueberry Nanka Blueberry Gold Gully Juicy Fruit GoldGully Juicy Fruit
500 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell 600 Jadeshell 300 Jadeshell
Gold Gully Cuava GoldGully Cuava Fruit of Morning Sunlight Fruit of Morning Sunlight Sunlight Bur Sunlight Bur Sunlight Fruit Sunlight Fruit
500 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell
Mystery Fruit Mystery Fruit Skill Protection Talism Skill Protection Talisman Talent Protection Talism Talent Protection Talisman Calming Elixir Lv4 Calming Elixir Lv4
5,000 Jadeshell 800 Jadeshell 500 Jadeshell 300 Jadeshell
1000JS 1000 Jade Shell Ticket 3000JS 3000 Jade Shell Ticket 5000JS 5000 Jade Shell Ticket SoundFlute 10 Sound Flute (S)
1,000 Jadeshell 3,000 Jadeshell 5,000 Jadeshell 300 Jadeshell
Revival Coin 10 Revival Coin Master Key 30 Master Key Viper Fruit Viper Fruit Scythata Fruit Scyhata Fruit
160 Jadeshell 299 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell 3,000 Jadeshell
Truce Tablet Truce Tablet Lv2 5000Tickets 5000 Ticket 3000Tickets 3000 Ticket 1000Tickets 1000 Ticket
5,000 Jadeshell 5,000 Jadeshell 3,000 Jadeshell 1,000 Jadeshell
Resourcebaglarge Clan Contribution Pack Resourcebaglarge Clan Resources Package Luckybet Lucky Bet Howlrunelarge Howl Rune
1,000 Jadeshell 2,000 Jadeshell 200 Jadeshell 100 Jadeshell
Calming Elixir Lv3 Calming Elixir Lv3 [[File:|50px]] Commode [[File:|50px]] Grill [[File:|50px]] R-Pack
200 Jadeshell 500 Jadeshell 200 Jadeshell 1,100 Jadeshell
[[File:|50px]] Building Card (30-D) [[File:|50px]] Building Card (7-D) [[File:|50px]] Lv4 Acceleration Card [[File:|50px]] Lv3 Acceleration Card
999 Jadeshell 799 Jadeshell 5999 Jadeshell 2499 Jadeshell
[[File:|50px]] Lv2 Acceleration Card [[File:|50px]] Lv1 Acceleration Card [[File:|50px]] TmSense Elix Pack III [[File:|50px]] TmSense Elix Pack II
999 Jadeshell 200 Jadeshell 288 Jadeshell 100 Jadeshell
[[File:|50px]] Extra Pack [[File:|50px]] Practical Pack [[File:|50px]] Energy Scroll Master Key Master Key
2966 Jadeshell 1599 Jadeshell 1000 Jadeshell 150 Jadeshell
Master Key 50 Master Key Flower Flowers Bunch Flower 100 Flowers Bunch [[File:|50px]] 100 Nice Firework
675 Jadeshell 10 Jadeshell 500 Jadeshell 500 Jadeshell
Flower 10 Flower Bunch Revival Coin 50 Revival Coin SoundFlute 50 Sound Flute (S) Truce Tablet Truce Tablet Lv1
79 Jadeshell 760 Jadeshell 1425 Jadeshell 500 Jadeshell

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