Hunting Staff
Level 30
Physical Attack: 733
Attribute Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Energy: 10
Critical: 10%
Sharpness: Huntingstaff sharpness
Skill 1: Lv2 Enemy Defense
Skill 2: Lv2 Hearten
Skill 3: Fountain

Description: A rare and elite weapon, usually only the luckiest hunters can earn it.


Slot Skill Effect
Skill 1 Lv2 Enemy Defense Increase group member defense, effect is enhanced when staff is of ice attribute
Skill 2 Lv2 Hearten Increase group member attack, effect is enhanced when staff is of fire attribute
Skill 3 Fountain Cast and attack with a frontal icicle


Items Required Cost to Craft Cost to Purchase
N/A -Goldshell -Silvershell -Bronzeshell -Goldshell -Silvershell -Bronzeshell

Note: This weapon cannot be purchased or crafted - it can only be obtained as a rare drop.

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