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The Cash Shop refers to the in game store where a Hunter can purchase a wide variety of items to assist themselves on a hunt.

Jade Shell ShopEdit

FN ItemEdit

Primary Article: Jade Shell FN Item
This is the general item section of the Cash Shop.


Primary Article: Jade Shell Medicine
These are Potions and Buff Elixirs.

Refined ItemEdit

Primary Article: Jade Shell Refined Items
These are items that are associated with Refinement


Primary Article: Jade Shell Fashion
These items modify a Hunter's appearance and can sometimes provide the Hunter with beneficial stats.


Primary Article: Jade Shell Mounts
These are items that when used increase the Hunter's speed


Primary Article: Jade Shell Ornaments
These are items that add cosmetic effects to Hunters.

All Jade Shell ItemsEdit

Ticket ShopEdit

FN ItemEdit

Primary Article: Ticket FN Item


Primary Article: Ticket Medicine


Primary Article: Ticket Fashion

All Ticket ItemsEdit

VIP ShopEdit

A Hunter can only purchase from this section of the shop if they have VIP Status.

FN ItemEdit

Primary Article: VIP FN Item
These are function items that can be purchased with VIP Status.


Primary Article: VIP Medicine
These are medicines that can be purchased with VIP Status.


Primary Article: VIP Fashion
These are fashions that can be purchased with VIP Status.

All VIP ItemsEdit

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